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Stéphanie Périquet


Wildlife Ecology Scientist

+264 84 000 9767


+264 81 459 2200


I mainly study behavioural and spatial ecology, with a specific emphasis on carnivores and prey-predator relationships. I focus on landscape of fear both between prey and predator but also between predators themselves. I am particularly interested in the complexity of species interactions, both negative and positive, and the understanding of their coexistence. My research relies heavily on direct behavioural observations in the field, GPS tracking devices and camera trapping.

I coordinate the Etosha Carnivore Programme along with our colleagues from the Etosha Ecological Institute and a group of international and local collaborators. Our aim is to understand the drivers of carnivores (not only the large and charismatic ones) distribution and abundance in this complex landscape of land use and ownership.

At ORC, I also curate our long-term camera trap images database & collaborate with several teams on the development and improvement of artificial intelligence and machine learning for the automated image classification and individual identification.

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Stéphanie Périquet
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