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About ORC

As an institution built by private investment in 2005, Ongava Research Centre (ORC) has the independence and potential to answer major questions and understand processes fundamental to the functioning of the natural environment.

ORC comes to you with three major purposes:

1. To explore, discover and understand important features of the natural world.

 2. To support the management of conservation areas , in particular the Ongava Game Reserve, the Rhino Belt and Etosha National Park 

3. To support the development of young people with potential to be dedicated scientists and conservationists

ORC seeks:

  • To fill major gaps in humanity’s comprehension and awareness of the natural world.

  • To generate benefits for humanity and its only environment.

  • To encourage curiosity, long-term vision, and the liberty to pursue research worth doing.

  • To develop dedication and passion among young people who will be the next generation of committed scientists and conservationists.

ORC has already built an impressive collection of data, which it continues to expand. For instance, over 7 million camera trap images of Ongava wildlife have been tagged with keywords to facilitate analyses.

ORC continues to assemble a collection of bio-indicator samples of natural materials and organisms to help us understand processes and consequences of environmental change.

ORC’s small staff will be curious, energetic in pursuit of science, fellowship, and conservation in collaboration with scientists and students who conduct studies of the highest standard.

Our campus features office and laboratories, plus accommodation for resident researchers, associates, interns and students. We also maintain the state-of-the-art Ongava Discovery Centre.


ORC will support scientists and students who conduct studies of the highest standard that contribute new information and understanding on the topics described here. In pursuance of these goals ORC will foster opportunities to collaborate with international leaders in specific fields, gaining linkages, knowledge, inspiration and experience. By developing these partnerships, ORC will promote and encourage Namibian science, researchers and students. Generous scholarships will be offered to promising students to pursue post-graduate studies, especially those destined to make research and environmental management their career.

Likewise, ORC will provide fellowships to select scientists to pursue research programmes that will improve our knowledge and understanding in major scientific spheres.

Please contact us on for further information on research and studentship opportunities.

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