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Research Goals

Research on broader processes that affect the biota in semi-arid and arid environments of southern Africa is a priority, for example by understanding movements, and the functioning of episodic events when most animals and plants reproduce. The results of this research will be of value to conservation and environmental management.

Studies will also focus on the greatest challenge that faces much of rural Africa: how can the prosperity of rural people and health of natural environments increase while mitigating the effects of climate change at the same time? 

Most research will be done in collaboration with Namibian and international scientists and students who conduct studies of the highest standard. From these partnerships Namibian students will gain knowledge, inspiration, and experience. 

The following 8 major projects are the focus of ORC’s research. Three ongoing research programs are underway in collaboration with dozens of scientists around the world.

Ongoing large-scale & long-term research programmes

Other ongoing research

Programs we want to start

If any of the topics above are of interest to you, we are looking for collaborators to start working on these, so feel free to reach out to us (

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