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William Versfeld


Chief Technician

+264 84 000 9765


+264 81 827 2038


William was born and raised in Namibia, where he grew up in Etosha National Park and fell in love with wildlife at a very young age. After completing his Bachelors of Science in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the University of Stellenbosch, William decided to continue his studies with a Masters in Genetics, focusing on the population genetics of the Nile crocodile in southern African countries.

Over the past five years, William has developed a keen interest in curating biological specimens, landscape genetics and research methods. These topics go hand in hand to collect and process DNA samples to better understand connectivity between wildlife populations in Namibia. Population connectivity has become crucial to understand natural connectivity within a species, with ever growing anthropogenic pressures on the environment of today.

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William Versfeld
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