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Simeon Naholo


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Simeon grew up in a village called Oshivanda in Namibia’s Omusati Region. After finishing high school in 2007, he decided to move to Outjo in the Kunene Region the following year, in search of employment. There he eventually took up a role at Ongava Game Reserve (OGR). While Simeon was initially contracted to assist with de-bushing efforts on the Reserve, he was permanently recruited as part of OGR’s anti-poaching units in 2010. During this time, his duties primarily involved fence patrol, as well as rhino tracking. In 2013, Simeon accepted a position as a field technician at Ongava Research Centre (ORC’s), where he’s been especially involved in camera-trap-based research. These involvements have led to several research outputs, including co-authored peer-reviewed publications.

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Simeon Naholo
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