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John Mendelsohn has lived all his life in Africa, and has been resident in Namibia over the past 33 years. Curiosity has driven much of his work in zoology, education, livelihoods, geography and river systems. He was awarded a PhD in 1982. Results have been published in over 70 scientific papers and 33 books. Most of his recent research has been in Namibia, but he has also worked extensively in Angola over the past 12 years. Other work has been in the DRC, Liberia, Somalia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Ghana, Palestine and Bolivia.

Over the past 15 years, John has developed a keen interest in the economies of rural areas, seeking to document and understand relationships between natural resources, land uses, land rights, incomes, savings, capital, opportunities and constraints in different areas. The nature and functioning of rivers in the Kalahari Basin are another special interest, particularly the Cunene, Cuvelai, Okavango, Kasai and Cuando river systems. Since November 2018 he has been developing the newly-built Ongava Research Centre.

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John Mendelsohn