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Hileni Mupopiwa

Campus & Hospitality Co-ordinator

+264 84 000 9767




Hileni began her first job at Ongava Game Reserve in 2014 she worked as a ground and housekeeper until 2018. Thereafter, Hileni’s responsibilities became increasingly orientated towards hospitality for the Ongava Research Centre (ORC). In August 2020 she was awarded a diploma in Travel Tourism and Hospitality Management and in early 2021 Hileni was appointed as ORC’s campus and hospitality coordinator. She is responsible for the upkeep of ORC’s accommodation and offices. This includes the management of all stocks of related supplies, and the maintenance of domestic equipment. In addition, she manages ORC’s accommodation for visitors where she ensures that rooms are booked, correctly allocated and ready when visitors arrive. In addition to her daily duties at ORC, in the evenings she voluntarily joins the catering staff at one of Ongava Game Reserve’s adjacent lodges. Through her initiative, Hileni has gained considerable culinary experience, as well as formal training. One of her long-term ambitions is to become more established and influential in the travel and tourism industry.

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Hileni Mupopiwa
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