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Elizabeth Shangano

Administrative Co-ordinator

+264 84 000 9769




Elizabeth is a Namibian and a biochemist. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Applied Biochemistry (Honours) Environmental at the University of Namibia. Elizabeth ‘s interest lies in water quality management, particularly in the occurrence of emerging contaminants and their potential impacts on water quality as well as monitoring and assessing water quality parameters in understanding the health of water systems. Elizabeth actively contributed to value addition and the development of agricultural products through her involvement with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform (MAWL) laboratory. Elizabeth serves as an Administrative Coordinator at Ongava Research Centre (ORC) where her journey began as an intern. At ORC, Elizabeth’s job includes a diverse range of responsibilities which are vital to the smooth operation of the Centre. It is in this role that her newfound interest in business administration took root and began to grow. Elizabeth aspires to integrate her scientific expertise and administrative proficiency to advance the cause of environmental sustainability.

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Elizabeth Shangano
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