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Observation of vegetation changes between burned and unburned areas. Part 1

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

After a good rainy season in North Central Namibia in 2020, the Ongava Research Centre received an ~ 514mm of rain and the vegetation in the area was absolutely spectacular. In the dry season, April to October, after a good rain season fires tend to follow.

Even though fires are a serious problem overall, studies have shown that seasonal fires have a positive effective on new vegetation growth. By reducing leaf/grass litter accumulated annually, they allow sunlight in the following season to better help the new vegetation growth.

The 2 photos were taken at the same place in Etosha National park, after a fire, each on the opposite side of the road that acted as a fire break, in the month of July 2020. We will return to the same place in January-February after some rains to look for differences in vegetation growth.

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