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Our challenge:
Finding answers... For what we should, but don’t know!

Scientific enquiry has produced amazing quantities of knowledge

We know more about the fascinating workings and the fragility of the natural world than ever before. And we use that information as best we can to conserve the world for all its living constituents and their offspring.

Yet there are many gaps to fill!

Great numbers of organisms have never been described, countless mysteries of life elude us, and we comprehend little or nothing of many fundamental environmental processes.

The more gaps are filled, the better we understand natural processes

With a good understanding of natural processes, measures to care for that which must be preserved will improve. And we will be more equipped to restore that which has been broken.

Everything is possible, but only if we look

Opportunities at ORC

The following positions are currently open at ORC:

  1. Resident Scientist (application deadline 17th February 2023)


  2. Field Technician (application deadline 1st March 2023)


Latest Publications


At home or passing through? Leopard population and spatial ecology on a private game reserve

Knowledge about large carnivore populations is crucial for their conservation, especially in small, fenced game reserves. We combined data from GPS collars and camera traps to estimate population size for leopards (Panthera pardus) on Ongava Game Reserve. Over three years of camera trapping, we identified a total of 29 individuals & found 10 of these to be resident (4 adult males and 6 adult females). Our work highlights the existence of different social status (resident & transient) in leopards & the value of using multiple methods when estimating their population size.


Ongava Game Reserve 19.35° S, 15.90° E, Northern Namibia

+264 84 000 9769

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